DETAILS Mountain Home Services, LLC provides the largest list of "in-house" services in the area. However, what we do on an annual basis would be impossible, or at least overwhelming to go through, so we customize our services to meet the different and changing needs of all our clients.

By using our own labor force we are able to more closely monitor the quality of work being performed in and around your home, while maintaining a secure environment for your valuables.

We also have more control over scheduling. For example, it is much easier for us to modify our schedule to get your windows cleaned than to ask a window washer to change their busy schedule that was booked weeks in advance.

Below is our list of basic "in-house" services, but the sky is the limit – just ask.


Contract and regular interval cleaning

  • On call cleaning

  • Pre-visit touch up with regular cleaning intervals

  • Spring cleaning/deep cleaning
  • Bio-degradable cleaning products


  • Groceries

  • Specialty food items

  • Costco

  • Household items

  • Holiday/party

House and grounds maintenance

  • Household repairs

  • System checks and maintenance

  • Exterior and roof upkeep

Yard maintenance

  • Bi-weekly

  • Spring clean-up

  • Fall pruning and plant tie-ups

  • Defensible space

  • Irrigation start-up/shut down and repairs

House checks

  • Weekly or bi-weekly

  • Customized for each home and clients needs

Window cleaning

  • Interior, exterior, and screen cleaning

Snow removal

  • Annual contracts for client specified items

  • On-call piece work including walkways, decks, in front of garage doors, and roofs

Holiday and party decoration

Christmas (including exterior house and tree lighting)

  • Birthday

  • Special event

Auto services

  • Full service detailing

  • Pre-arrival interior and exterior cleaning

  • DMV
  • Delivery for services or smogs etc.

  • Airport delivery and pick-up

Spa maintenance

  • Weekly and bi-weekly services

  • Dump and scrub

  • Cover maintenance

Coordinate Pest Control
 Service Providers

  • Focus on locating and eliminating pest entry points

  • Mouse traps etc.

Concierge services

  • Just ask and we will make it happen

We know when to exercise constraint with handyman/fix-it items and call in the professional specific to our clients needs when necessary. The arrangement, coordination, and scheduling of services outside of our expertise will be done only with experienced and licensed contractors.