Why Choose Us?

With so many companies popping up with Home Care Service, Concierge, Home Management, Handyman, etc. in their name, how does a homeowner pick one with so many options? The answer is simple:

  1. Experience (established in 1999)

  2. Owners' employment background

  3. More "in-house" services than any other company in the area

  4. Long-term employees

  5. Long-term subcontractor relationships
Licensed and insured
Efficiency and organization

  8. Possess the right tools for the job

  9. Newer vehicles (no oil leaks on that new paver driveway)

  10. We have created unique, efficient methods specific to large luxury homes

  11. Friendly and courteous employees

  12. Careful and respectful of owners property

At DETAILS Mountain Home Services, LLC we believe the combination of the qualities we possess gives our clients the best overall results for their money. We may be commensurate with other licensed companies like us, and in some cases even more per hour; however, the end result is usually a net savings, and the client receives a better product. The more our clients do with us, the more they save, as we are able to group annual maintenance items together to save them money.