Greg Keziah

I grew up in Sonoma County with my self-proclaimed "neat freak" mom. She taught me that everything has its place and that being organized and tidy allowed for more more free time to do the things you love. I decided at eleven years old, on my friend's birthday ski trip to Squaw Valley, that I would someday call the Truckee/Tahoe area home. So after several years of making the trip up from Santa Rosa to ski, I graduated from Sonoma State University with a BS in Environmental Studies and Urban Planning and moved to Truckee. I also met the love of my life, my wife Andrea.

My work background reads like a book outlining exactly what I should have been doing in order to be the perfect candidate to open a home care business. I started washing cars when I was twelve and was told repeatedly that I should charge more because I did a better job than the places my clients, mostly my family and their friends, had their cars cleaned. I started working for an endodontist and his wife in high school, where I learned to do everything to the "Nth degree.” I maintained their personal home, their lake house, multiple rental properties and their sport fishing yaught in Sausalito. My duties included landscape, irrigation, general home maintenance, window washing, painting, car and yaught detailing, pest control, and detailed cleaning of rental properties when they were being turned over. I also continued to detail cars through North Bay Bavarian in Santa Rosa, where the owner called me the "best interior detailer" he had ever seen. I started working for Park Avenue Catering with Andrea on weekends to prepare financially for our move to the mountains, and it was my first taste of the service industry. I learned a lot about making people happy; I loved that part and still do today.

So, needless to say, my background molded me into who I am – a fastidious perfectionist with an incredible eye for the details in everything. My love for the outdoors and the simple things in life got me to Truckee, and my success in business is based on my love for making people happy. It still reinvigorates me in my work every time I get a call from a client just to let me know "everything is perfect" or "you made our Christmas, our house looks incredible!"

I am a consummate optimist and love anything outdoors, usually accompanied by Andrea and our sled dog Jaro (short for Kilimanjaro). I love to ride bikes – road, mountain, cyclocross, cruiser on the bike path, it doesn't matter. I also love to downhill and cross country ski, hike, climb mountains, scuba dive, and travel the world on a budget. My primary hobby is working in my yard and garden.

If you are asking yourself why we have gone to great lengths to let you know who we are, it is because we want you to know that we are motivated, dedicated, established, and have the work background to keep you happy with the services we provide.

Andrea Keziah

I was born and raised in the Kings Beach area in Lake Tahoe. My mother taught school, mostly kindergarten, in the Truckee/Tahoe area for 37 years. I was required to work hard at a young age to help my mom, who also worked as a waitress at night to support my brother and I, so we could ski with the Lake Tahoe Ski Club/Squaw Valley race team. I dedicated my childhood to ski racing, and once I turned sixteen I decided I needed a social life and started to pursue other things like drama, band, and cheerleading. After graduation from high school, I took off and traveled Europe, Australia, and New Zealand for a year. When I returned, I headed to Santa Rosa to start junior college and met Greg, my husband and business partner, on my 21st birthday. I continued my education at Sonoma State University where I graduated with a BA in Communications.

My work history is almost entirely based in the service industry. At fourteen I started bussing tables at Lanza's Italian restaurant in Kings Beach and moved over to The Hacienda Mexican restaurant in Tahoe City, first bussing then waiting tables. I also filled in on weekends and holidays working as a cleaner for small hotels in the Tahoe Vista area for many years. When I moved to Santa Rosa I started working at my first four star restaurant, John Ash and Co., waiting tables. I also worked at three other high-end restaurants in Santa Rosa, while pursuing my degree. My weekend day job was cleaning guest cabins at an executive retreat in the hills above Kenwood. Desiring a break from the restaurant industry, I started working for Park Avenue Catering and split my time between running the office and coordinating events and weddings.

When Greg and I moved to Truckee I started working with Greg Faulkner Architects as his office manager, web page designer, and project photographer. This was during the inception of Lahontan, and it was clearly evident that there was a need for a business like Details. Greg and I both worked other jobs in order to start our business with as little debt as possible and still be able to survive. Our first client completed the very first home in Lahontan, and shortly after, with a few more clients, we were able to quit our other jobs and focus solely on our business. It was scary and exciting at the same time.

We love the area and strive to make our clients' lives in Truckee easy and carefree. We realized early on that owning a vacation home can be difficult to deal with from afar or while trying to enjoy one's vacation time.  That is why we decided to help our clients facilitate these repairs/tasks for them (before or after visiting).  This allows our clients have the time to enjoy their homes “stress free” while knowing things are being taken care of by the team at Details. So, we decided to take care of the details and become a one call or e-mail contact point that could do, manage, or arrange, anything that our clients need or desire.